Our Mission:

To find the perfect family match for our rescues. Before we post our animals for adoption, we spend weeks getting to know their personalities and molding them to become better pets and to make it easier on them to become a part of your family. We will not even show a rescue until we feel we have prepared this animal to confidently adjust to his or her new family.

We use kennels at first to provide support and protection when rescues still have the insecurity of being around other animals. We teach them socialization at a comfortable pace. Rescues learn to interact with children and adults as well as other animals. Once they are comfortable, they begin to learn boundaries and are trained on the Dog Watch Fence System so they can socialize freely within a 2 acre area.

At our facility, crate-training is a must! This makes for an easier transition for everyone involved.

We work hard to save the lives of these abandoned pets. They can make a difference in your life, because the unconditional love they have for you can not compare with any other emotion. A happy home is a relaxed home!

*Adopt, Don't Shop!*
We have puppies to adult dogs that are house trained, kid tested, parent approved and fully vetted for age.

Remember when you adopt a rescue dog, you're not only saving its life, but the life of the dog that takes it place!

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​"The value of a dog is not equivalent to the amount paid for it,

but a true reflection of you as a person.

Can you look into the eyes of a mutt and see value, beauty, and life?

Adopt a rescue animal and make the world a more beautiful place!"