​​​​​​​Laura's Hope Rescue

August 30, 2016:

"​Mountain View students have been participating a program with Laura's Hope Rescue which has allowed them to learn to give dog commands, walk and play with a dog, as well as pet and care for a dog.  This type of interaction has assisted in decreasing stress, increasing physical activity, relieving anxiety and depression, improving communication and social skills, and increasing self-esteem.  The program has taught the students how to manage their emotions and learn the appropriate way to treat others. "

-Sherri Ransom, Transition Coordinator of Mountain View School District

We are excited that beginning in the 2016 school year, the Mountain View School District and Laura's Hope Rescue

will enhance their already ongoing Pet Therapy programming

by beginning to add an innovative new curriculum

that is guided by the research on resiliency, social and emotional learning, and human-animal interaction.


The Mutt-i-grees Curriculum uses lesson plans and strategies to actively engage students

and promote social and emotional competence, academic achievement,

and awareness of the needs of shelter pets, also known as Mutt-i-grees.

The Mutt-i-grees Curriculum was funded by the the world renowned Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan Foundation

Working with Pet Savers Foundation and Yale University School of the 21st Century (Yale 21C) 

this innovative effort began to link social and emotional learning with humane education.

We all share a common goal:

to develop and implement initiatives that support a more humane world

where children and adults show empathy, compassion, and responsible decision-making.

Are we there yet?

March 30, 2016:

"Today six of our dogs participated in our pet therapy program at the Mountain View school with some of the students from the transitional program. 

Each student must make sure the dog is walking properly on its leash and will follow basic commands. Also they need to make sure the dogs get some one-on-one love. Excellent job to both dogs and students!

We would like to thank the Mountain View school administration for allowing us to bring this program to the school -

it has benefited our dogs tremendously!"

-Hope Benson, Founder and Director of Laura's Hope Rescue​

Our rescue recognizes and utilizes 

the benefits of pet therapy for all ages

by working in both the school setting and nursing homes! 

Our rescue dogs have weekly visits 

with transitional students

from Mountain View School District

and Scranton Counseling Center 

during the school year!