Who We Are:

Laura’s Hope Rescue is a completely volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit, private dog rescue located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We give second chances to unwanted dogs from across the country who were abandoned at kill shelters or owner surrendered. These boys and girls learn what it is to be safe and loved, then in turn show their adopted family the love they learned.

Since opening in 2009, Laura’s Hope has saved over 1,300 dogs. We are a small rescue that does big things.

Our Mission:

We strive to find the perfect family match for our rescues by equally screening the dogs who come to us and our adoption applicants to ensure a good family fit for both the dogs and the humans!

Our Approach:

Many of the puppies and dogs adopted through Laura’s Hope Rescue originate from the South. We work with many Southern rescues and shelters to bring dogs safely from overpopulated areas where they are hard to place. We work together as one big rescue community to save lives, one paw at a time.

The Dogs:

Some dogs are transported directly from shelters to us, while others have time to adjust and socialize with foster families. Our foster family volunteers spend time getting to know their foster dog’s personality, help mold them to become better pets and in turn make it easier on the dog to become part of your family. We’ve found that dogs who come to us through owner surrender or after time with a foster family flourish when placed directly with their adoptive families and avoid shelter life.

The shelter dogs who stay with us at Laura’s Hope Rescue are able to benefit from being allowed the time they need to adjust before being placed with a family. We use kennels at first to provide support and protection when the dogs still are insecure about being around other animals. When they are comfortable, the dogs begin to learn boundaries and are trained on the Dog Watch Fence System so they can socialize freely within a two acre area at the Rescue.

While staying at our facility, the dogs work on crate, potty, and leash training. We also help them learn appropriate social interactions. This in-rescue training makes an easier transition for everyone involved.

A happy home is a relaxed home!

We work hard to save the lives of these abandoned pets. They can make a difference in your life, because the unconditional love they have for you cannot compare with any other emotion.

To Contact Us:

You can find us by following the link with all the required information to Contact

The value of a dog is not equivalent to the amount paid for it, but a true reflection of you as a person. Can you look into the eyes of a mutt and see value, beauty, and life? Adopt a rescue dog and make the world a more beautiful place.