Do you have questions about adopting a dog from Laura’s Hope Rescue? Look through our Frequently Asked Questions for answers. If you can’t find the answer to a question you’re looking for please email or for even quicker response, send a Facebook message.

Can you waive the adoption fee?

Unfortunately, no. The adoption fee covers the cost of spay/neuter services provided by our veterinarian, first shots, microchip, and transportation from the originating shelter.

The only exceptions to the adoption fee are sponsored dogs, who our generous donors have made a contribution toward their adoption fees. We may offer a discounted adoption fee for our senior dogs.

Do I have to complete the Adoption Application?

Yes, no exceptions. We require an application to ensure the safety and best interests of the animals we have taken into our care. We ask that anyone who is interested in adopting a dog from Laura’s Hope Rescue fill out the application.

You can get started here.

I don't believe in using a veterinarian for my pets medical care, can I still adopt?


I don't vaccinate my animals, can I adopt?

No, if you don’t vaccinate your animals or if they aren’t current on their vaccinations at the time you submit the Adoption Application, we cannot approve your application.

However, if there is sound medical reasoning behind your decision not to vaccinate, we will be happy to discuss your situation with you and your veterinarian.

Are you really going to check my personal references and veterinary reference?

Yes! Please let your references know that a volunteer from Laura’s Hope Rescue will call them. Your veterinarian may need permission from you to talk to us. Please give your vet permission to talk to Laura’s Hope Rescue. If we cannot verify your references, we cannot approve your application.

What hours are you open? Can I drop in to meet a dog?

We would love for you to meet our adoptable dogs. However, our meet and greets are by appointment only. Please complete the Adoption Application before requesting a meet and greet.

What if the dog I'm interested in is heartworm positive?

Unfortunately, because heartworms are so prevalent in the South, we typically have a number of dogs that tests positive for heartworms in our care. We work with our veterinary partners to develop a treatment plan for the impacted dogs. We prefer to follow the American Heartworm Society guidelines for treatment.

We provide you with the medication to treat heartworm based upon the American Heartworm Society guidelines. It is important that a dog is calm and relaxed for a few weeks following treatment, we prefer treatment to occur in your home as opposed to being in our kennels.

You and your veterinarian may choose another course of action.

What is your return policy?

Laura’s Hope Rescue will take back any newly adopted pet if the adoption does not work out for any reason. Please contact us to start the return process. If you hare having behavioral or medical issues with the dog, please specify the problem as we may be able to assist.

Can I do a trial adoption?

You found a dog that you want to adopt, but you’re not sure it will work out in your home with your other pets and would like to try it out for a few days. We do trial adoptions in certain situations, usually for our older adult dogs. If you are interested in a trial adoption, please contact us to discuss your situation.

Please note, you are required to complete all adoption paperwork and pay the adoption fee, but your contract will have a stipulation that entitles you to a full refund if you return the dog within a certain time frame.


We don’t typically offer trial adoptions with puppies. Puppies tend to get along with other pets in the home. We prefer that the adopter is 100% ready and committed to the puppy before adopting.

If you have concerns about raising a puppy, please talk to us. You might discover that one of our older dogs is a perfect fit for your lifestyle since they are usually much less work than raising a puppy.

What if I am having problems with the dog I adopted from Laura's Hope Rescue?

We try to set the right expectations about anything that we know about the pet before you adopt (dogs/puppies need training and possibly housebreaking, separation anxiety is possible in dogs abandoned at shelters, puppies tend to cry the first few days, dogs/puppies need regular exercise to be good dogs, etc…) but if you are experiencing a problem, we want to help you fix it.

We have volunteer trainers willing to help with behavioral issues and we have veterinarians that can offer advice on what to do with medical problems. We also send home every pet with 30 days of free health insurance that comes in handy should a medical problem develop after adoption. We want every adoption to be successful.

We like to follow up with you  after you adopt from us to ensure that you have the support that you need. If you need to contact us before that, please contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.